Day 2 of #10dayofpythondatatypes – Python List

The list is one of the most widely used data types in Python. And it’s formed(or created) by placing all the items (elements) inside square brackets [ ], separated by commas.

It can have any number of items and they may or may not be of different types (integer, float, string, etc.).

A list is MUTABLE, which suggests we can modify the list after it’s been created unlike tuple. We will learn more on Tuple by Tommorrow.

Day 1 of #10dayofpythondatatypes – Numeric

Data types are an essential concept in the python programming language. In Python, every value has its own data type.

The classification of data items or to put the data value into some sort of data category is called Data Types. It helps to understand what kind of operations can be performed on a value.

In the Python Programming Language, everything is an object. Data types in Python represents the classes or strata of the said data.

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