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Website ranking on search engines has become a tug of war for businesses , especially small scale businesses that are struggling to get popular attention in digital space.

You may have been implementing varieties of SEO strategies. Yes, all is not loss. The fact remains that, SEO is not “a get result quick” process.

It requires constant putting a lot of effort into it while nursing such effort with dedication, consistence and relevant up to date SEO tips.

However, ever green content is not enough to rank your website on the search engines first pages . Though it remains the bedrock upon which SEO is built.

There are varieties of other strategies that can generate poll of traffic to your website.

So follow my strategies as I show you below. All this when put to use will allow you to get more and more visitors to your website in 2020 and beyond.

1. Improve Your Website Speed. The faster a website takes to load the higher the chance of being ranked on search engines and vice versa. For WordPress website users , Plugins like W3 Total Catche, WP super Minify and Smush will help to increase your website speed.

2. Make Use of numbers of Outbound links ( i.e links that redirect users to other website from your website). This not only courts credibility for your website but also drives genuine referrals which in turn increases your Web ranking.

3. Usage of Multimedia Elements ( Video clip, Slide show, Animation video, Audio clip ) create good user experience and lessen the burden of reading lengthy articles which may tempt visitors to leave your website. And this will increase the volume of your website Bouncing rate, which in turn affects your Web ranking.

4. Fixing Broken Links. Broken links are those links in your website that do not work or function. Often time you receive error 404 reply when you click them. Fixing such links by removing and replacing them with functional ones will nurture user experience and communicate the uniqueness of your website to the search engines.

5. Social share. Sharing your content across social media platform along the link that will redirect users back to your website to reader more or watch the full version of your video is also very unique for your website ranking in this decade.

Final thought
When all these strategies are employ consistently you will not only record massive traffic to your website in a week perhaps you will also increase your conversion rate in main time.