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Alluding to the words of John Obidi , “Corona virus pandemic is not happening TO us rather it’s happening FOR us” . Hence, Covid 19 is an opportunity for you as an underdog to emerge and forge in your career trajectory.

The Covid 19 era is the time for you to catch up and climb to the highest mountain possible in your career pursuit. Because most people have taken this period for relaxation and enjoyment.

While you may have also taken this session as public holiday, I want to remind you that as a third world native, this is the time for you to reinvent and show up strong in all facet of your life .

This is because Post covid, will bring new set of teachers , thought leaders , religion leaders, students, influencers and even captain of industry.

So you get to flow with the wave by way of resharpening your skills often and or acquire new skills that will position you irresistibly as expert post covid.

The question to ponder are who will I become post covid ? or Will I still be searching for new job after the pandemic ?

Apparently , this era is not the time to keep blaming government , it is very glaring and understandable that the government cannot cater for every Nigerian. Now is the time to go be MAD only you know what you are doing .

Yes, I understand you are born in an underprivileged family, Yes you are in a community that demotivates you and drains your energy every now and then , Yes you are not so techy ( dumb objection) . Those are the reasons, why you must seize the opportunity of the lockdown to position at a level.

Listen well and clear as far as you are in Nigeria you don’t have that privilege to select meat . You get to hunt every meat possible and eat it with caution.

My brother your game is different . YOU ARE A KING HUSTLER NOT A REGULAR HUSTLER.

For student reading this, the ideal way to stay more relevant post covid is when you are asked what do you do? stop saying ehnn i am a student , studentship is not a career, it’s just a temporary status.

I hope you must have learned your lesson this era for just being a student and nothing more. I have learned mine ooooo brother.

You get to find something to do alongside being a student if you don’t want to be starved or remain an underdog post Covid. This message is not for you if you come from rich though.

Let me shock you , did you know that for you to stay relevant Post Covid you will have to acquire skills that transcends your geography ?

Interestingly, there are tons of hand picked skills that you can acquire to stay relevant as a third worlder in order to transcend the limit of border and position yourself globally.

These skills can actually be learnt for free on online.

I am actually a living testimonials of my words. I can show you how for free if you are intentional and interested.

These are some skills for the new global economy post covid that can make you stay relevant and reinvent your underprivileged status as a third world native.

1. Copy writing

2. Web design / App development

3. Facebook / Google Ad

4. E-commerce / Importation Business

5. Email marketing

6. Knowledge business

7. Sales

8. Network marketing

9. Affiliate Marketing

10. Graphic design / 3D Animation.

Suffixly , I will like to leave you with this thought. “use what you have for what you have is plenty”