Habeeb Abdulrauf holds a B.Sc. Degree in Mass Communication, he is also a Teacher, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast, Web developer, and Digital Marketing consultant. He has over three-year experience in digital marketing and Online Business Consulting. He helps businesses across Africa and Asia to generate leads and broadening their business reach. Before venturing into the Tech industry, he has dedicated over 7000 hours impacting knowledge in Pupils and Students in rural communities, till now. Habeeb founded Digital Gen Foundation, a Nonprofit Organization that train and nurture digitals, leadership and personal development skills in Africa youth residing in underserved communities. He is an energetic and multifaceted person, whose goal is to proffer solutions and add value to humanity. He looks forward to gain Professional influence and secure opportunities to pursue his career in Tech, Public relation or Advertising related industries in Africa or The United States of America.

What I Do

Digital Marketing Consultant

I help brands and businesses to create awareness, drive engagement and generate lead through paid and strategic Online marketing.

Web Development / SEO

Over the last three years to the present moment. I have developed tons of highly Optimized and responsively website for Coaches, Personal brands, Digital Agencies, Real Estate, IT companies , Fintech others.

Data Science /AI

I use Python to Explore , Clean, Analyzed and Visualize data, thereby helping companies to make an informed Business decision so as to increase profit/ROI.

Python / HTML

I build solutions using Python, HTML, JAVASCRIPT and CSS for Organizations and Businesses.



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