About Me

 BSc. Degree in Mass Communication, Teacher, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast , Web developer, and Digital Marketing consultant.

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About Me

Habeeb Abdulrauf holds a BSc Degree in Mass Communication, he is also  a Teacher, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast , Web developer, and Digital Marketing consultant.  

He has over three  year experience in digital marketing and has also  helped businesses across Africa and Asia continent generate  leads and  broadening their reach.  Before venturing  into the Tech industry, he has dedicated over 7000 hours  impacting knowledge in Pupils and Students in rural communities, till now. 

Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

I have been more than 3 years in digital marketing industries, and have help more than 10 companies to grow their business.

As Featured In:

My Experience

I have worked with different Professionals , Businesses, Agency  as well as Non Profit Organization as Volunteer. 

  • Digital Gen Foundation
  • Change Magazine 
  •  Emporium Magazine / Kwasu Time 
  • DMi Agency 
  • International Organization for Business and Engineering 
  • Al HIjrah Kiddies University 


Digital Marketing Consultant

I help brands and businesses to create awareness, drive engagement and generate lead through paid and strategic Online marketing. 


Web Development / SEO

Over the last three years to the present moment. I have developed tons of highly Optimized and responsively website for Coaches, Personal brands, Digital Agencies, Real Estate,  IT companies , Fintech others. 


Data Science /AI

I use  Python to help different companies to Explore , Clean, Visualize and Analysis  data, helping them to make an informed Business decision so as to increase their level of the companies profit/ROI. 


Python / HTML

Many at times, I lock myself in the Lab to build solutions using  python, HTML,JAVASCRIPT and CSS. 

What People Say

Read through what people have to say about me thus far . 

I love the passion, commitment and dedication Habeeb and his team demonstrated while developing my professional website. His approach was very superb and solution driven . Language was clear and simple. I encourage you to contact Habeeb for your Website development .
Oliver Goodman
Habeeb is very particularly strong in web capabilities – so strong we have used his to upgrade our web presence twice! He also helped us jump-start our buyer persona efforts. Highly recommend him to get your marketing off the starting blocks and running strong.
Emma Stone
We couldn't ask for a better team or better Digital marketing expert. Habeeb and Adam are the best and always so supportive! They have truly guided us through the process of implementing our inbound marketing strategy and we now feel like we have such a great path for success. Highly rRecommended
Nathalie Moore
Habeeb does his work professional and perfect in all what he does. His is very hardworking and dedicated to achieving our business goals. I strongly recommend Habeeb for your business advisory services, Web development , Paid ads, social media marketing, Search engine and Virtual Assistance .
Luiz Enrique